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Our six classrooms at First United Methodist Child Learning Center
consist of children ages 18 months through third grade. Our kiddos get
to enjoy weekly field trips in the summer, water enrichment days,
Wednesday chapel with Ms. Stacy, and much more! Our loving teachers
provide a child-friendly atmosphere, perfect for learning.

Classroom Descriptions
Frog Class
Bear and Owls

Toddler (18 Months - 3 years old) Room (Frog Class):

Our toddler room is a play-based classroom that uses Creative Curriculum to inspire, nurture and prepare children for success in preschool and beyond, while also working on positive communication skills.


3-Year-old rooms
(Bear and Owl Classes)

Our two 3-year-old rooms focus on fostering independence. While they also use Creative Curriculum in a play-based structure, these rooms also start the track for kindergarten readiness.


4 and 5-Year-old rooms
(Duck and Turtle Classes)

The preschool rooms are all about kindergarten readiness! Using
Creative Curriculum to implement the early learning standards is what
our teachers focus on, as well as fostering positive relationships
and independence.

School Aged Class
(Fish Class)

Our school-aged class has two different setups. During the school year, we offer a before and after-school program that works with the children on their school work. We also work on fostering great friendships and building confidence. During summer break our school-aged classroom gets to focus on their interests in the classroom, all while going on many field trips.

Ducks and Turtles
School Aged Kids
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